Hello, my name is Natasha, and I have been serving with the Aid Mission in Kisumu, Kenya for 7 years.

I would like to share a bit about the ministry I’ve been involved in over the last three weeks. Every Wednesday, we have children aged 9-12 coming to us, typically 220-250 kids, and during holidays, the number reaches 300. It’s important for us that they hear the gospel, and we use all possible tools to achieve this. For example, every Wednesday, we distribute snacks or hot meals so the children can be nourished, experience Christ’s love through this, and better receive the message.

For the past two sessions, we discussed lessons from the Book of Samuel, specifically the story of David. We talked about how the Lord does not look at outward appearances. The children diligently take notes. Every Sunday, I lead a study group for a few preteens. I love it when they are engaged and ask questions to better understand.

On Children’s Day, we organized a small celebration for our orphans. I also try to make the play corner nicer. For the camp, we put up a “connected” sign, and now we’ve added photos of the children, creating a fantastic wall display.

Every month, I handle the financial reporting and audit for the orphanage. This involves calculating, ordering food, and placing orders for meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits, as well as calculating salaries for our helpers.

With the children, we noticed the yard needed some cleaning. We organized and did it together. Before the short holidays, I decided to update and stamp all the necessary documents, spending a whole day in the building where this can be done.

Thanks to your support, we were able to buy protective mosquito nets for the children in the orphanage. Also, with your financial help, we bought 28 pairs of shoes for the orphans. Thank you so much for this.

May the Lord bless you! Thank you for your prayers and financial support.