Greetings from Kisumu, the Pokot Desert, from the Onguko family. My name is Natalia and I am happy to share some news with you.

We spent most of this month in Pokot.

We needed to supervise many processes as we finished building a classroom for the primary school – painting, bringing in desks and starting the educational process. We had to communicate with the education authorities, order and distribute school uniforms, and talk to parents of future students. We and the children are very happy that now they can sit in a classroom and get an education, and not just look after herds of goats!

We also made a lot of effort and within a month built a house for the pastor who serves with us in the desert and works hard for the benefit of the people of Pokot. Now he will be comfortable and have his own personal space and life.

And finally, we received all the approvals for the construction of a girls’ shelter for the victims of circumcision, so we also purchased sand and stones to start construction.

And we prepared everything necessary to drill a water well as the next step.

The land on the territory where the shelter for girls will be located is quite fertile – we are installing irrigation systems to develop the agricultural sector in the people we serve.

The educational process continues in the school where we support orphans and in Pokot, and I and my volunteers are involved in working with children to help teachers, and we feed our 200 students hot lunches every day.

I am very grateful to the Lord for the brothers and sisters who are our prayerful and financial support. Many blessings to you!