Greetings! Here is the latest news about Victoria School 🇰🇪.

The past month in Kenya has been filled with rains that caused significant damage to homes, destroyed belongings, and disrupted daily life. We received photos from the school administration showing that the desert inhabitants were unprepared for such conditions. However, thanks to charitable organizations, they now have something resembling a roof over their homes. Faith, the school director, reports that many students lost their homes along with their uniforms and textbooks.

The school holidays have ended, and following the order from the President of Kenya, the school resumed classes for the children yesterday. We are grateful for your support, which ensures the full operation of Victoria School. Through education, these children are genuinely gaining hope for a better future for their families. Kenyans value family traditions and maintain strong familial bonds, always helping one another.

Thanks to your donations, these children are back in school today, hearing the Word of God in their native language, receiving two meals a day, and getting an education.