Thank you, each one of you, for being part of the mission on the equator today! Your support means a lot to me and is greatly appreciated! Praise God that there are still churches today where mission and missionaries are loved and valued 🤍.

We strive to move forward in faith, to serve people, and to trust in the Lord! Dear brothers and sisters! Greetings to you from Kenya!

Many will soon be celebrating Easter, so accept congratulations from our family on this holiday! April has been the easiest month for me in the past 8 years on the mission! God answered prayers and sent me an assistant for our projects! So now I delegate tasks and help catch up on things!

Working in slums is both simple and complex at the same time! It’s easy to gather many people for the Gospel – you just need to offer them some food. But it’s difficult to retain them. Only Jesus can draw people and keep them in church. And that’s our dream – for people to come, receive help, hear the Word, and remain in God’s love forever! To become disciples and followers of Jesus!

So we help, heal, feed, teach a lot, pray, give, hug, and communicate! Sending greetings and prayer needs from Kenya: We are experiencing strong winds and rains. Floods in many regions. People are left without homes and jobs. Even our missionary compound is flooded. Please, support this situation in prayer 🙏.