Hello, friends!

Greetings from Kenya! My name is Andrey, and I serve in Kisumu with the Assistance team. Over time, we’ve managed to accomplish a lot. I participated in the Happytime ministry in the Pokot area. It was a great time during which we created programs for children, for youth, and also had discipleship time for the team itself. I helped in the media ministry as well.

There were also many minor repair works on the base, in the missionary house, and so on. Unfortunately, our work is currently severely hindered by the rising water level in the lake due to the rainy season. The yard is flooded with water, making it impossible to use tools and workspaces.

Also, our church in the Kapote area is surrounded by water. To reach there, people use open shoes or walk barefoot. Many houses are so flooded that living becomes impossible. Unfortunately, the administration is not taking all the necessary measures to clean the drainage channels, which exacerbates the situation. Please support us in prayer so that all of this can be resolved as soon as possible.

We pray for you, the Imoce mission, and all the people who support us prayerfully and financially. Friends, without your help, I wouldn’t be able to be here. Thank you for being the vessel through which God supports us. Abundant blessings to you in everything!! Together, we work for the glory of God!