Hello from Kenya, Mission Assistance. My name is Inna Merzla.

We visited families whose homes have water standing in them. Currently, we are experiencing heavy rains. People are living, cooking, and sleeping in such rooms. We brought medicine to this grandfather. A significant part of our work is done in the office.

We have four locals working in the mission office who visit families, handle procurement, and make bank payments. We are involved in 6 projects in our city of Kisumu. Our team celebrated the birthdays of children. Unfortunately, in Kenya, people don’t celebrate Happy Birthday, so for girls and boys, it’s such a joy to receive a birthday present.

At 7 in the morning, there is breakfast for the elderly in the church. It starts with praising Jesus in Swahili, then a word from the Bible, and then breakfast itself. Grandmothers and grandfathers really enjoy it. 118 people have dinner every day at our church “New Life”. Usually, it’s either rice, potatoes, maize, beans, fish, chicken, or tea. For our people, it’s happiness to eat at least once a day.

I visited a family from our church, played games with the kids. I love children! They call a white person “mzungu”, but now they remember me – Inna. It’s nice! Thank you for the financial support! Through you, God takes care of me!