Greetings from sunny Kenya! I’m excited to share some updates about my ministry here on the equator.

For the past 7 years, I’ve been serving in the slums of Kisumu as part of the aid mission. These are mostly our children from the orphanage. We have 28 of them. I’m happy to be able to serve them and do everything in my power to ensure the orphanage operates smoothly and the children have everything they need.

The beginning of the month is always inventory time at the warehouses, financial calculations, and reporting. A few days before the end of the month, we need to calculate the products and staff needed, order them, and receive them.

Also, one week, I dedicated 3 days to finally understanding what was happening with our Joshua. After several procedures, checks, and consultations, we finally found the cause of his illness – epilepsy. Most likely, it was genetic or caused by an infection in early childhood. And now we’ve started treatment. Please pray for complete healing to come.

Our children continue to receive hot tea and snacks before the service. Thank you, IMOCE, for supporting this project. Now the children can listen to the Word of God more attentively.

At one of the services, we talked about trusting God using the example of Abraham. After a tasty snack, we had an evening of praise and worship with them. We talked about the God encountered by Hagar – the God who sees, cares, and keeps His promises.

The children try to remember everything, and to make sure they don’t forget anything, they write everything down in their notebooks.

We had an amazing evangelistic trip to the Pokot tribe organized by the aid mission with financial support from IMOCE. In the photo, you can see the team that served in the tribe for 2 days.

A bit about the first day:
We were able to host over 200 children. We played games, held a lottery for them, sang together, and danced. When I asked the team what topic they would like to discuss with the children, they all said the best thing would be to share the Gospel. So that’s what we did. I taught a lesson, and then we organized the children into 5 groups, and the leaders discussed everything in more detail, answering questions to make sure the children understood everything.

After that, we had 5 interesting stations. At these stations, children did crafts, played team games, received balloons, enjoyed face painting, popcorn, cotton candy, and each received a gift.

Thank you very much for supporting me as a missionary and supporting projects in Kenya. I’m glad that together we can spread the Gospel. May God bless you!