The Onguko family (Kisumu-Pokot) . Yesterday we returned to Kisumu from a two-week trip to the Pokot Desert. There we helped the teacher at the school with the children every day. We also fed the children hot lunches.

We painted the walls of the school to make it more interesting for the children to be in the classroom. We also prepared for the Easter holiday.

Every evening we showed a movie and had evangelism after the movie. During the last two weeks, 136 people gave their lives to Christ.

We prepared a camp for children for two days, distributing sweets and popcorn.

We are also grateful to IMOSE for a large generator, which allows us to evangelize in settlements where there is no electricity at all; and is a great help in all construction projects.

Now we are building a classroom for elementary school children. It is located in the village of Chepromvai, near the second church we are building. There has never been a school in this area and the children have never studied.