Good evening everyone
My name is Baraka and together with my family ( wife and son) we lead the church in one of the slums in Kisumu, Kenya as Pastors.
We are ministers of the Word of God in this area and our vision as a church is to see many more come to Jesus.
We are always grateful to IMOCE for support and for helping us build the church here.
I will share about the responsibility areas I have been involved in the past week.

Last Friday was we had an amazing time of Church Prayer and fasting day. We later met in church for an evening of worship and prayer with the rest of the church. As a church; We continue to experience God’s work within people as well as breakthroughs in many different things that affect people’s lives.
Prayer if pivotal in our ministry and we continue to raise an anthem of prayer amongst our congregation.
We continue to witness victories in God for our church and our community too.

I had a chance to visit one of the girls from our Pre teens church at their house in the neighboring slum. It is heart moving to see how some of our children live back at home. Nonetheless, we use opportunities of visit to encourage and pray for our people too. The young girl has been trusting God for her school and we pray with her that God will be able to make a way.

In the past week I also had different meeting with different members of the church. Sharing heart to heart in the word of God to them and also getting to listen to their questions as we deliberate.
Most of these sessions are always sessions for prayer, encouragement and sharing God’s word one on one.
I believe in the power of discipleship and the fruits it can bare exponentially.

We have had amazing Sundays church services too.
We thank God for the ability to preach Jesus every Sundays and I have great faith that the word continues to grow in the hearts of people as they are led by the Holy Spirit.

Thank you once again to everyone who support us in very different ways. Thank you for playing the role of enabling the word of God to reach even more people. As a church we are grateful and as an individual I am grateful too. May God bless you and keep you always.
Continue keeping us too in your prayers.