Greetings from hot Africa.

My name is Natasha, and I have been serving on the mission of assistance in the slums of Kisumu for 7 years now.

We are currently experiencing the dry season, it’s very hot, but we continue to serve the Lord.

During this time, unfortunately, we suffered from malaria again, this time my daughter got sick. But thanks be to God and thanks to you, we had the opportunity to seek medical help and buy medicine. Everything is fine now.

Twice a week, I have crochet training. The girl’s name is Fleriya, and she is trying very hard now. Despite the initial difficulties, we persevered, and I hope she will make a beautiful product.

We also had very good services for the children. Before that, we prepared a delicious lunch for the kids. The children were able to hear the word of God. We continue to journey through the Bible, and these days we have been studying about Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, and Noah. In these stories, we try to show the lessons they can teach us today and teach children to see the character of God in them. I helped purchase and assemble gifts for the women of the church on March 8th. We also do a lot of work at the orphanage. Overall, we have 7 volunteers, and this place we had a very important meeting, we talked about changes, about children, how to work with them, about school and the learning process. We go to this orphanage once every 2-3 months. There are often new kids. This time we were able to embrace and share the love of Christ with almost 70 children.

Thank you very much for the cotton candy machine. The kids were very surprised and happy about this novelty for them. We tried to bring a lot of happiness to the children. On the first day, we had a Bible lesson and a puppet theater on the theme of Christmas. Many of them are amazed when you hug them. And when you see them smile, you understand that you didn’t come here for nothing. We also did photo crafts with them. The task was to make brighter glasses. They really liked it. And of course, as always, we brought some sweets. We packed everything in small individual gifts… And we played a lot of different games. They especially liked it when we blew bubbles on them. Also, we had the opportunity to bring gifts to the shelter workers, and our mission assistance team wanted to thank them for the work they do every day and inspire them with a short message from the Bible. Also, with part of the mission assistance team, we had a wonderful trip to the orphanage for special children.

Thank you very much for allowing me to be a missionary and to bring the Gospel to children and teenagers.

May God bless you.