Greetings everyone,

My name is Andrey, and I serve in Kenya in the city of Kisumu. Over time, we’ve managed to accomplish a lot. I went with the guys to a shelter for children with disabilities. We conducted a program with active games, creative activities, gifts, and a Bible lesson. It’s not possible to cure them, so all we can give them is love, attention, hugs, and care. Throughout the program, we pray for the children, for the caregivers, and for the situation as a whole. Thank you for helping to convey the love of Christ to these children.

On the mission, we continue to build an Art Center for children from slums, and right now, I’m installing windows on the second floor. We do everything ourselves, trying to teach our youth various skills along the way. Even simple welding, woodworking, concrete work, and so on are relevant here. For us, it may seem like a normal thing, but local people sometimes don’t know the names of tools or see them for the first time in their lives. Finally, we poured a concrete surface so that we could weld metal structures on it evenly.

There were also other repair needs that we also need to manage to complete. Friends, thank you so much for supporting me in prayer and financially. I’m glad you’ve decided to participate in this work and continue to do so consistently. We are not alone! I thank God for your open hearts and faithfulness! Wishing you abundant blessings from God!