Hello, friends! My name is Andrey, and I serve in Kisumu, Kenya, as part of the Aid Team. During this time, there have been many inspiring moments for me and other missionaries. I had the opportunity to meet my brother and spend time together. Additionally, we had a gathering with missionaries from all over Kenya. We spent several days in the forest, engaging in preaching, praise songs, and fellowship with one another. Pastors answered our questions and prayed for us. It was a blessed time.

However, upon our return to the mission, a sad event occurred. A local guy we knew was involved in theft, and this time he was caught red-handed and burned alive. Unfortunately, this is one of the unpleasant realities in Kenya—local residents sometimes resort to vigilante justice, and the police often turn a blind eye. The young man was only 15 years old. I believe that through missionaries, volunteers, and everyone working here, God not only saves people but also transforms their character, traditions, and much more. We continue our work on the mission, praying for Kenya, that God changes people’s hearts. We also pray for those who support us through prayer and financially. Thank you so much, friends, for your support. Because of you, I can work here. Abundant blessings from God to all!

1. Me, my sister, and brother in the middle. I’ve shared a lot with him about life here, and I hope he will join missionary work someday.
2. Our Aid Team at the missionary gathering. Thanks to those who organize such meetings—they are invaluable.
3. This young man attended church services but went astray. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us because, according to local customs, thieves have their fingers cut off or are burned alive.
4. We brought a food package for this grandmother. She was incredibly grateful. We prayed for her and blessed her. Thank God for providing the opportunity to help such people.