Hello friends!

My name is Natasha, from Kenya. I have been serving on a mission of assistance for almost 8 years in the city located right on the equator – Kisumu. We had two great youth group meetings. In one of the meetings, we prepared a delicious lunch for the children. It was a day when we talked about love. So, we showed the love of Jesus to them and conducted a lottery with cool prizes. If the children had very torn shoes or were without footwear, they received new Crocs as a gift. I shared the word, talking about what happens in our hearts when we don’t know Jesus. We drew a heart and wrote down the bad things we can do to others. Then, I took red paint and covered everything as a symbol of what Jesus showed us on the cross – love through His sacrifice. He forgave us, took our sin upon Himself, and taught us to love.

We called the children to a prayer of repentance. Many children understood the lesson and asked Jesus to forgive them, accepting Him into their hearts. Additionally, every Sunday, I lead a student group with four youth groups. I had the opportunity to help with translation.

I am currently doing a lot at the shelter. I also go to the school every week to address various needs. Often, the school provides a list of items to buy, and I purchased school socks and sweaters. Guests also visited us, sharing their testimonies with the children, and again, I could assist with translation. And, of course, we prayed together.

Every evening at our children’s home, we have a Bible hour. Last week, we started reading the Book of Acts. I am very grateful to you for your support, and may the Lord bless each one of you!