Hello everyone. 

My name is Baraka and together with my family we are pastors from Kisumu in Kenya. We lead the church in this place and also by extension the ministries we have in the church. I will share with us what we have been up to in the last week or so . 

We recently planned a powerful youth evangelism service about two weeks ago. It was a blessing to witness God move through the power of the Holy Spirit during deliverance. Witnessing so many chains of the enemy breaking loose. We exist in an area where there is a lot of sorcery and witchcraft but we saw the power of God move as deliverance happened. We thank God for the love of His Spirit in our youth and in our community as well. Had an opportunity to speak Last Saturday during the youth ministry.

We tackled specifically the topics of marriage and relationships which is a bone of contention among the youth today. Our desire is to see our youth get into godly marriages and relationships with purpose and God aligned. We continue to mentor and pastor our young people to this right direction of life so they can be able to break away from societal norms that wrongly define marriage and relationships As pastors we also believe that God opens ways that look impossible but we are hopeful that our your people will choose the right path into family. Every Sunday at about 3 PM we have our Kids church for children between the ages of 3-8 years. Time for not just fun but also a time for kids to be in Gods presence. 

Our vision is also to see as many kids brought to the knowledge and understanding of who God is to Us. We believe God is working through and in these kids too. We thank God that also through our church we have been able to undertake feeding program for the needy and less fortunate in the society who cannot food daily. In the Feeding program we got about 90 people who are fed every evening with hot meals.

 Grandmothers, Grandfathers, and orphans too. We are happy that there is people who will not have to got to bed hungry. This week I also met with servants and volunteers who help with the kids ministry. To speak to them about their love and faith in Christ and their salvation and also to encourage them continue serving God with the kids. It was also time for them to ask questions another ministry.

It’s amazing that a great number of these volunteer servants are teenagers who go to either senior high school Or junior high school. They still sacrifice for the late evening meeting. Great ministry. It’s also great that some of the young people will come up to you and ask the pastor random questions.

My desire is to see as many young people come to Christ and fully live for Him too. We are forever grateful to God and everyone who supports our church and ministries in every way there is. May God bless you.

We continue requesting for prayers to us even as we continue preaching and teaching the word of God in this part of the country.