Hello everybody and Praise God

My name is Baraka and together with my wife Elvira (and son, Luca): we serve as church Pastors in the slums of Kapuothe in Kisumu; Kenya. 

We are always grateful to God for His Grace over us even as we lead the church and continue to speak and preach the gospel of Christ and make disciples for Christ in many others around.

In the last weeks I had a meeting with church ministry leaders to plan and organize the ministries we are in. This meeting was also a perfect opportunity to speak to each of the leaders; to know their heart for God and to know the visions they bear and most importantly to give them pastoral counseling and encouragement.  We have 5 ministries in church that serve more than 600 people adults included. The kids church serves about 300 kids, the pre teens ministry serve about 300 of them, the teens ministry serve about 70 teens and the youth ministry serve about 90 youth.

The other week we  had two great events at church. One was the church prayer evening after a day of fasting and Men’s fellowship breakfast meeting. We continue to see God moving and working through us and in our people. We are grateful.

During one of the youth meetings; i also got to share with the youth and older teenagers abou life and issues affecting them at their stages of life. To couple life teachings with the gospel of Jesus and also to encourage them so they can be strong in the Lord.

Our grandmothers also had an opportunity to be blessed in church; each of them receiving a food basket.  Most of our grandmothers who come to church are widows and most of the time they are unable to feed themselves for various reasons. This service to our grandmothers is also always a great opportunity to share Chist with them. We are always thanking the people who help us ensure this happens.

Our food program has continued to also serve those in the community who cannot manage to afford even a single meal on a day. Everyday in the evening  about 87 individuals are fed through this program by the church. Many no longer sleep in empty stomachs and we thank God and those who support us in this.

Also had an opportunity this week to visit some of our people who come to the church. To pray with then and to know where they stay and how they stay. Most of our people live in desolate conditions especially in the slums and one thing they alwys need is Jesus. We thank God that he provides and so we are always able to carry along with us some food for them too.

Every Sunday is an opportunity for every pastor to preach The gospel of Christ to people and this past Sunday was not an exception for me. We continue speak the truth of the word of God until Jesus Christ is known beyond.

Finally we are grateful to God and to. We are grateful to everyone who supports us in any way; be it financially; in prayers, with their resources and also with their time. We are grateful that the kingdom of God and the Gospel of Christ can be spread even to many more around. Continue keeping us in your prayers and encouragement. May God bless you