Happy New Year, friends! It’s already mid-January, and I would like to share what we have been doing in Kenya. I’m Vlada Sidorchuk, nearly 8 years on the mission in Kisumu. I’m starting the year with meetings, connecting with every team member and servant. We’re building plans, reflecting on last year’s challenges, drawing conclusions, and dreaming of the new year ahead!

With the Feeding Project team, starting in February, we’re launching a new project – prayer breakfasts. We have about 15 elderly individuals in the church who struggle to care for themselves and, due to their age, can no longer read. Now, we’ll meet them for breakfast and read the Bible together.

I’m meeting with the caregivers of special children whom we assist in covering medical treatment and therapy expenses. Thank God! There are so many testimonies of His glory! So many miracles! Doctors said he would die, but he’s alive! They said he wouldn’t walk, but he walks! They said he wouldn’t speak, but he started speaking!

Meetings also include the CHILD SPONSORSHIP project! More than 500 children need to go to school. Each has their own challenges – some with food, uniforms, and others with documents and an alarm clock. Today, we welcomed long-awaited missionary guests, and we’ll now serve together! They are warriors in the Lord! Just an hour after the plane, we went to visit the church and set up beds!

I send greetings from Kenya to each one of you! And sincerely thank you for supporting our missionary family!