Greetings to everyone from Kimusu from Nataliia and the Onguko family, serving in Pokot.

Happy New Year! (In Kenya, it’s a tradition to extend New Year greetings upon meeting someone for the first time in the new year until April!) Wishing blessings to all readers!

The celebration of Christmas and New Year was a joyful event. Women in our churches were delighted with each package they received to share with their families. The main emphasis during these holidays in our churches was that Jesus, born once, will come again very soon, and we need to be always ready! We didn’t announce when we would distribute the packages, and many regretted not attending the service – a vivid example of being constantly prepared, as one might miss the gift of eternal life!

More than 200 children received little gifts with sweets and toys. They were joyful for every candy, and our hearts rejoiced. I am grateful to God for the opportunity to bring a bit of happiness to these children!

During the winter break, children were eager for tournaments, and sports became a wonderful opportunity for us to spend time with teenagers in a fun and beneficial way. For them, care and attention from adults are crucial moments.

The beginning of 2024 in the girls’ center was marked with a cake, sweets, and fun.

Moreover, the start of the new year signifies the beginning of a new school year. It means immediately getting back to work, planning school fees for the semester, buying stationery, school bags, and outlining plans for the year in general.

Thank you to God and to all of you for being with us and supporting us in the new 2024. Wishing abundant blessings and peaceful skies to everyone!