Today I wanted to updated you on our ministry of street children, Embrace. Thank you so much for IMOCE and Emish Market for helping support us and blessing these kids everyday! God bless you 💕

The kids have been doing amazing these past few weeks! We get new kids everyday and it’s a blessing from God that we are able to have a center where they feel comfortable coming for help and support in their different situations.
One of our goals for our embrace center was to redo our classroom, we wanted to give kids a more updated learning space where they will enjoy their subjects and activities that go with them and praise God this week we had the opportunity to start with our remodel🙌🏻
Our social workers have also been working every hard and doing street work every morning, they go out to the streets and invite the children to embrace and share the word of God! After they come to embrace and are ready to go home our social workers do some home visits to talk with the family and see their side of the story on the child’s life, some families welcome them back with open arms and are happy to have their children back but some families don’t want to take care of the child anymore, let’s pray that’s these hearts of the parents open up and they are ready to receive their children back into their homes🙏🏻