Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share a-little bit about our ministries at OurKidsInAfrica. Thank you so much for IMOCE and Emish Market for helping support us and making these kids dreams come true! God bless you❣️

Embrace is our rehabilitation center for street children. The kids appear on the streets for many reasons some of which are abuse, no money or food at home, fear of punishment and many more. When they come to embrace they undergo some counseling with Madam Ruth so she can get their story. And shortly after that they get cleaned up and join the rest with the activities. In their stay at embrace they learn how to be responsible for themselves out in the real world. They learn how to clean up after themselves, how to make food, how to do laundry and how to take care of the property around them. They also take lessons some of which are bible lessons, math, Swahili, history and etc. Once the child is ready to go home we start our initial home visits to see how the situation is at home. When we figure out where the problem is we try to work with the family and reintegrate the child back to his family, sometimes the family isn’t accepting of the child so we have to look for other close relatives of the child. Soon after the kids will start their life of education and go to school. This past week we celebrated Passover with our Embrace kids. This consisted of many activities such as dancing, playing games, fellowship, hearing the word of God and eating together! We also had market day, during the month they collect points based on their behavior and doing their chores, at the end of the month they use those points to get new shoes, clothes and some snacks. They are always so happy after market day!

Thank you again for your support!