Hello dear friends! hello from distant and sunny Cuba! we are very glad that we can serve the Lord together with you! This week we had a lot of interesting events: in the city of Havana, the “High Chamber” church carried out preparations for children’s competitions (repaired equipment and prepared everything necessary) and also held several seminars for teachers and team members, for holding children’s parties and playgrounds and preparation for a missionary trip to the East of the country in January.

We also thank the Lord for the opportunity to have our cargo motorcycle, it is used for many functions: transports our staff; delivers food to homes; transports the sick, and performs many other functions. This week we began to re-equip it: we are installing a special canopy to protect it from the scorching sun and tropical rains, and we have also prepared removable seats for more convenient transportation of people. We thank all of you for your support, as this does not require small funds.

In the East of the country, in the village of Kanei, various ministries continue, which our mission supports.

This week, the youth took up the beautification of the church. Youth and adolescents, on their own, cleaned everything together, cleaned the territory of the church, and painted the church building.

Also, the youth and the entire leadership team prepared very diligently for the visit of the IMOCE mission team in January. Theoretical training is being carried out and an action plan for this period is being developed.

Many thanks to all sponsors, all who work in other countries, all members of the mission for serving in the expansion of the Kingdom of God. Your contribution is very important for these ministries.

May the Lord bless your lives, your families, and your businesses in a special way, we work together for the glory of our Savior Jesus Christ!

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