The Island of Cuba is in touch. Here are some of the highlights of the week:
Our kindergarten ministry: “Christian Home. Sunday Bible school ministry to children in various church mission areas:
1. Felix Pen
2. Missionary point: “El Kanei.
3. Bible school in the village:” Sabana Ingenio
4. Escuela Biblica Dominical: Sofboll.
Another one of our projects: is “Light, Life and Love”.
In this program, we worked with pregnant women who were going to have an abortion and when we offered them help through this project, they decided to keep their babies alive.
Here is one of our moms, Evisen. We visited her just before she gave birth and prayed that her son Esteban would be born without complications.
While our mentee Dalvis was in the hospital (she and her newborn baby girl were sick with a fever) our project blessed them with a crib!!!
Thank you for your prayers and financial support!