Greetings to all from the German town of Bad Liebenzell, where our project “Little Mom” is currently located. December is very eventful. This week we took an active part in the “meeting gratitude”. In it, we expressed our gratitude and blessings to the German volunteers who helped us in solving a variety of issues here. We blessed them and prayed for them. They also brought various delicious treats to the meeting.

We will have our first Christmas in Germany. The children of the center took part in the children’s Christmas choir. And one of the mothers will participate in the Christmas production. There will be a concert on Saturday, and we invite all our acquaintances and friends to it. Christmas is a good time to preach the gospel. With adults we took part in the international Christmas service in one of the churches of our city.

Many thanks to the AMOCE Mission, Anatoly Petrovich and everyone involved in the project for the purchase of “furnaces” for Ukraine. Now it is winter in Ukraine and Ukrainians live without electricity, gas, water and heating, so for them it is simply vitally important.

Today our pastor gave gifts to children who live daily in the war.