Greetings, friends! Today is the day when Ukraine gives its report, but we want to tell you about children from Ukraine who have come to America.
These are children from families of fallen heroes; they have lost their parents who died in the war, and only God knows what is happening in their hearts and souls.
Our goal is to tell them about Christ, to bring hope, and to provide psychological support.
We are very grateful to every family in the USA who responded to take in these teenagers. Each teenager arrived with their own traumatized inner world.
But thanks to the host families, smiles are already shining on their faces after just a week. Additionally, we are overjoyed that the children are getting acquainted with the church and Christ.
Here is a small testimony:
“Our Oleksiy already expressed a desire to spend time with the church youth for the second time today. On Monday, they went to the park for the whole day, and today he wanted to go to the youth meeting. He told me himself, got in touch with a boy from the church, and he invited him. We already took him. The program for the children is designed so they can visit new places, receive positive emotions, and psychologically shift from the trauma, rockets, and sirens.
Therefore, the program includes many activities: parks, aquariums, zoos. Over this week, workshops and art classes have been organized for the teenagers. It is very difficult for the children to adjust to peaceful times right now. The children from Odesa, where rockets constantly strike and the siren wails…
But we believe that it is God’s love that will heal their hearts through the “Children of Victory” project. Thank you to each of you for your help and openness to this project! May God abundantly bless all of you!