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Maria Vitchenko

Mexico 11/14/22

Greetings to all, God has blessed us with another productive week in Guaymas Mexico.

Our mission was to expand the territory where we preach the gospel and support newly established churches. We were working with the group that came last …

Cuba 11/13/22

Hello everyone from the island of Cuba.
Despite the difficulties that the whole of Cuba is experiencing, and this is the lack of electricity, the lack of the Internet, and the difficulties with food and transportation, our teams continue to …

War in Ukraine 11/12/22

Greetings, friends, we send you greetings from Ukraine! Refugees continue to arrive in the central part of Ukraine, some go abroad, and some stay in our part of Ukraine.
Therefore, our task is to help with food products and things …

Kenya 11/11/22

#IMOCE  #Mombasa #Kenya

Hello everyone, I would like  to share the latest updates  on the mission field. We had good time with students on our on how to share gospel.Praise God 4 student gave their life to Christ

christian union …

Kenya 11/10/22

Hello everyone! We are continuing with kids’ ministry, more kids are coming and receiving the word of God and worshipping God together with us.

We got to visit women’s prison, encourage them and bless them with soap, pads and other …

Kenya 11/10/22

Greetings to all

we continue training and studying the Bible with the team)
We continued to make bracelets, working each one. As a result, 100+ pieces were made! And thank God, thanks …

Kenya 11/10/22

Greetings from Kenya, Kitale. All three weeks, together with the IMOCE mission, we had several trips with the Happy time project in different areas. And also served together in our area too.
A “Happy time” was held in different regions …

Kenya 11/10/22

Hello from Kitale, Kenya, Ok Africa Mission.

This week we enjoyed our last few days with the IMOCE Team as well as with my dad. We’re so thankful for Anatoliy and the teams time and effort as they served with …

Kenya 11/10/22

Good day everyone, David from Kitale, Kenya. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in touch, it’s because the last three weeks have been very busy. Anatoly and a team of IMOCE missionaries came to us. Together with them, …

Crisis center “Little Mom” 11/09/22

Our project “Little Mom” ​​continues to serve God and people, being here in Germany.
This week has flown by very quickly, it has some interesting news that we want to share.
One of the brightest impressions was the children’s visit …