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USA 02/18/2024

  Hello friends, greetings and blessings to you all! I have already arrived in Ukraine. The day before yesterday, I flew to Warsaw, and in the evening, we had a meeting with ministers working with refugees in Warsaw. I had an encouraging word for them.… Read More »USA 02/18/2024

Kenya 02/13/2024

Hello friends from the equator!   My name is Natasha, and I have been serving in Kenya, in the slums of Kisumu, on a mission of assistance for almost 7 years. Every Wednesday, we hold youth group meetings. Last Wednesday, we had a prayer meeting.… Read More »Kenya 02/13/2024

Kenya 02/13/2024

Good evening, friends! And greetings from the Onguko family. Last time, I couldn’t share news with you due to certain health circumstances, but thank God for your understanding and support! I’ll share the latest events in Pokot. We had the honor of hosting the IMOSE… Read More »Kenya 02/13/2024

Ukraine 02/12/2024

Previous Next Greetings, friends! Ukraine expresses gratitude to each of you for your incredible support! We want to share the work that our teams are doing in Ukraine, specifically in the Odessa region, in the city of Balta, and surrounding areas. Every Saturday, children’s Christian… Read More »Ukraine 02/12/2024

Ukraine 02/03/2024

  Hello everyone! Ukraine 🇺🇦 on the line! Thank God we are alive. We’ve experienced a massive drone attack in our Kirovohrad region, which briefly disrupted our communication and internet. However, this only motivates us more to help people. This week, the residents of the… Read More »Ukraine 02/03/2024

Kenya 02/01/2024

  Hello, friends!Sending greetings from Kenya. I am part of the Aid Mission located in Kisumu. This week, we managed to organize two gatherings for the preteens. As always, the children do not leave the church hungry. The opportunity to feed the children is an… Read More »Kenya 02/01/2024