Greetings, friends, today is Monday, it is night in Ukraine, there was an air raid alert, there was a siren throughout Ukraine, unfortunately, we still do not know where the rocket fell.
Today was another hard day, delivery and distribution of food packages, purchases of medicines, a huge group of refugees drove in. Thanks to your support, we can do many things, we are grateful to God that we can serve!
Among the refugees were wounded from the Popasnaya Luhansk region. People had to be transferred to another bus at night so that they could quickly leave for Chernivtsi. Now the east of Ukraine is being evacuated very strongly, they gave three days for evacuation, and after Bucha and Mariupol everyone understands what can happen there.
Look at the photos from the city of Buchi. The corpses of civilians killed by Russian soldiers lie on the street.
We serve everyone a hot meal. Thanks to each of you for your participation, finances, thanks to your support, we were able to accept, feed, and shelter – about 3,000 refugees. make 8 evacuation trips, distribute 1000 food packages, send cars with humanitarian aid to Kharkiv, Donetsk region. and Poltava, to bring 44 tons of humanitarian aid to the city.
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