Greetings friends, today is Saturday, and today is when Ukraine posts the news. We are alive, we are on the 38th day of the war, our teams continue to serve and this is the main joy!

Everyone knows that the war in Ukraine continues, and people are still dying, it is very frightening. Today, not far from one of the cities that actively accepts refugees, oil depots were bombed, there was a fire there all day long, and a siren is constantly howling in the city.

Our team works with refugees who have come to the city. For them, we prepare and distribute food packages, hygiene products, water, and warm clothes. Every day new people come, a lot of new people. The largest number of refugees travels from the eastern part of our country.

We managed to send a certain amount of flour and yeast to the city of Toretsk (Donetsk region), where one of the bakeries continues to bake bread and distribute it to lonely old people.

We hear many different stories every day, each of them making the heart shrink from pain. Telling their stories about explosions and bombs, people often do not hold back tears.

Shellings. Destroyed houses. Killed neighbors. The horror and gloom of war in hundreds of settlements throughout Ukraine.

Tonight we usually have a dinner for 100+ refugees. Most with children. We settle another group, someone finishes a portion of hot borscht, and at that moment the call:

– “Hello, we are 20 people and 4 babies. And also a large family with children of the same age, the oldest is 6 years old. We were told you would help with the overnight stay.”

A lot of churches respond to help, and a lot of pastors immediately agree to receive these people.
Thank God for the church, which during the war united in a special way and became a real light for the world.
We keep moving forward!
Love God – serve people!

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